Medical Research Matters

Anne McDonough thinks about medical writing, global clinical research and development, and trial design because… medical research matters.

Thanks, BBC, but please try harder!

I am glad that mainstream news organizations are keeping us updated about regulatory and scientific advances that might help to prevent or mitigate another such horrific Ebola outbreak, but they do need to learn the lingo. Radio 4 kept reporting on Saturday morning that the only “clinical trial” so far of the experimental Ebola drug… read more

Some Questions from Paul Krugman

Questions About Student Writing   1.  How can we incentivize students to stop using “impact” as a verb? 2.  How can we impact their writing in a way that stops them from using the word “incentivize”? 3.  Can we make it a principal principle of writing that “principle” and “principal” mean different things, and you… read more